Genki Sudo - "WE ARE ALL ONE"

Ever since he was a child, Genki Sudo dreamed of changing the world. He wanted to be a force for good and make a massive positive impact.  He just didn't know how to do so.
In high school he realised that to make massive change one must have fame, power, popularity or respect. Thus began his journey, starting wrestling in high school and later becoming a professional fighter and mixed martial artists. While most fighters carried the flag of their native country, Genki Sudo carried a flag featuring all the countries in the world, and at the center of the flag, was his motto "We Are All One"
As he rose to prominence in Japan he realised that it was time to move on from fighting and see the world. He retired as a fighter and created his dance performance group, World Order, travelling around the world shooting music videos and connecting with people through music and dance, continuing to spread his message of oneness. He also authored several books on self-improvement and focused on improving himself. He had finally realised that if he wanted to change the world he had to first change himself. 
He continues to learn, grow and challenge himself while inspiring those he meet. 
Genki has not given up on his dream. He still dreams of changing the world. Changing the world, by inspiring people to change themselves.
In these trying times we all need to unite, stand together, support each other and change ourselves, after all, We Are All One.